Wickedly logical, grounded in analytics.

I’m a freelance digital strategist. I help you and your business by injecting steroid-caliber Analytics & Accountability strategy into your existing digital projects. (see what I’ve done)

Here’s how it works: You come up with the genius product idea or campaign, then I match the idea to a set of goals and easily-measurable web analytics (that you keep and call your own when I walk away).

This simple partnership yields some amazing results:

  • Persuades clients, investors, etc. to buy into your idea
  • Improves your idea by constantly delivering new UX insights
  • Demonstrates, quantifiably, the value of your work
  • Keeps you accountable as a business

That’s it. Injecting little shots of cold hard business logic into your already brilliant audience experience crystalizes that brilliance. It lends you and your digital business the ferocity and confidence of a lumberjack (yeah, that’s why he’s up there).

So read a little more about how we can work together, or get in touch now.