Anna, Yoga, and Logika

I moved to NYC three years ago. After a whirlwind first year of learning the city, working a corporate job during the recession, and embarking on some particularly difficult relationships, I needed focus and nourishment, quiet and calm.

So on a chilly, rainy night in November 2010, I finally stepped back into the particular brand of warmth and welcome that only yoga studios can offer. Even after a two year hiatus I was so happily surprised to discover that my practice was still there for me. Joelle Hann, one of my fabulous teachers, described the experience well–it was like coming back to a piggy bank I’d been adding to years earlier; all the benefits were still there, waiting to be expanded upon, and inviting me in.

I was hooked! Since that first night back I’ve kept a regular practice of 3-4 days a week and genuinely look forward to every new class and experience.

Considering the indescribable benefits a regular practice has given me, I wanted to give back as a small token of gratitude. So in March of 2011 I began working with Go Yoga in Williamsburg as their all-around social media and digital marketing consultant. In the summer of 2011 I designed a digital and social media program for yoga teachers in the city. Connecting great teachers with eager students is exciting and gratifying. I look forward to every new opportunity to do so.

Contact me with questions and to get started!